Chocolaterie Premium chocolate
The logo shown below is a project in which I designed the logo and the product packaging. The idea was to put together a minimalist and modern logo with the intent on emphasizing premium quality in the product. The goal of the packaging was to create a focus on the inside; the chocolate. The chocolate has also been molded into the chocolate in an effort to keep the consumer thinking about the brand with every bite.
TJHS Conservation Club Logo Design
Martincic Property Investors
The logo shown below is a client project for a startup investment company located in the Phoenix, Arizona area. I was approached with two ideas already in mind and my first task was to create and replicate the client's ideas as accurately as possible. Once the drafts were sketched up in Adobe Illustrator, I sent them to the client for a decision on which would be refined. I then made some final edits to the logo and decided a color palette, made different versions, mocked it up and sent it back.
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