My name is Luke Conte, a 17-year-old currently "working" as a stressed student in your average American high school, Thomas Jefferson High School in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I'm interested in the world of graphic design and you can find my work on this site in the various tabs to the left. If you would like to contact me for any reason, you can feel free to email me through the contact form!

My mission, put simply, is to create connections with people, with design as the vehicle to do so. Whether you realize it or not, design is everything and everywhere.  For example, an ad for Coca-Cola elicits a specific feeling, experience, even memories that billions of people have an emotional connection with. That is what drives me as a designer.

I enjoy all forms of design such as photo colorizing, repairing, editing, etc. However, my interests lie mostly with logo design and branding. Specific projects can be found below along with my other content.
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